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Endel Dueno
Puerto Rico Legend - United States


Endel Dueno, a Latin percussionist, was born into a musical family lineage.  His father was a renowned musician of the 1940s. He is also known as The Encyclopedia of Timbal.

At the age of 15, he was a part of the Orchestra of Quito Velez and then went on to play with The Metropolitan Boys, a group that used to alternate with El Gran Combo in many social events. He has also played with Tommy Olivencia.

Dueno has been on stages in the United States, Japan, France, Germany and Spain.  He has performed with Rohena Roberto, Luis (Perico) Ortiz Batacumbele, Puerto Rico All Star, Bobby Valentin, Hilton Ruiz, Eddie Palmieri, Dave Valentin and Vilató Orestes. He was one of the artists in New York to participate in the Masters of the Timbal event.

Dueno currently performs in the Latin jazz band Energy.