Concert Snare Drums

Concert Snare Drums

Pearl Snare Drums are known for their superior performance and durability to meet and exceed the demands of today's top orchestral percussionists. Available in a variety of shells and finishes.

Philharmonic Solid Maple

Each PHM Philharmonic Snare Drum is hand-formed from a single ply of fully aged prime Maple to achieve the pinnacle of concert snare drum attack, response, dynamic capability, and tonal color in one instrument.

Philharmonic 6-Ply Maple

PHP Philharmonic 100% ply Maple shell delivers the power to be heard with dark, full tonal response that has become the preferred sound of orchestras and artists around the world.

Philharmonic Pancake Snare

The newest—and smallest—member of the Philharmonic snare drum line-up, the Philharmonic Pancake Snare Drum was created to meet the growing demand for a solo and audition drum that could be “whisper quiet” and professional grade for years of use.

Philharmonic Cast Aluminum

The Philharmonic Cast Aluminum Snare Drum offers a warmth and richness similar to wood, but with the increased brightness and attack characteristic of metal shell snare drums. These incredible drums represent state-of-the-art design and craftsmanship, allowing the player unprecedented control over the tone, dynamics and performance of the instrument

Philharmonic Beaded Brass

Pearl’s line of Brass Philharmonic drums offers a bright, highly focused, well-balanced tone perfect for situations needing more volume and projection.

Limited Edition Philharmonic Snares

Expanding the most successful line of concert drums in history, Pearl's Limited Edition Philharmonic Snare Drums are enhanced with exclusive finishes and shell compositions for professionals and collectors alike.

Philharmonic African Mahogany

The Philharmonic African Mahogany Series Snare and Field Drums add a classic American sound to the existing Philharmonic lineup. Consisting of a 4-ply African Mahogany Shell, these drums provide a dark and throaty sound that will fit with a wide range of musical styles and genres.

Symphonic 6-Ply Maple

Developed exclusively for the concert hall, Symphonic Snare Drums feature 6-ply Maple shell construction in a choice of 2 shell depths, 6.5” and 5.5”.

Concert 6-Ply Maple

Concert 6-ply Maple Snare Drums combine the look, sound and performance of a true professional quality instrument, at a price within any budget.