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Mario Boivin
Sherbrook University - Canada


Mario Boivin is currently Professor of Percussion at the Sherbrooke University School of Music and has chaired various seminars and master classes as well as given countless private lessons. Mr. Boivin studied at Laval University in Quebec City, where he obtained honors bachelor's and master's degrees in music interpretation. He also studied with the renowned marimba artist, Leigh-Howard Stevens. Mr. Boivin has been awarded many prizes and scholarships including the College prize for Best Musical Interpretation in 1984.

Mr. Boivin has taken part in numerous concerts, either as soloist or as ensemble member in chamber and contemporary music. Currently, Mr. Boivin regularly performs with the Musica Nova contemporary ensemble . In 1989, he was invited to perform as a guest soloist by The Quebec Conservatory Orchestra.

As a marimba specialist, Mr. Boivin has recorded Ekleipsis for Solo Marimba written in 1993 by Quebec composer François Morel and also appears on the recording entitled Musique à l'Université Laval , vol. 4, on SNE label. He has been invited on numerous occasions to participate in radio programs of the French and English network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) such as Tout pour la musique , Music from Montreal and the series Jeunes artistes, among others. Mr. Boivin is a performing artist and clinician for Pearl Corporation and Adams Musical Instruments and plays exclusively on an Adams marimba.


Universite de Sherbrooke