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Chagall van den Berg


Country:   The Netherlands Category:   ELECTRONIC ARTISTS


Chagall is Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer, innovator and technology entrepreneur. She creates audio-visual live music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica. With new motion based controller technologies she uses the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals in real-time.

Her shows are tech heavy but it’s the humanity and fluidity of Chagall’s gestures and musical impact of the songs that make this show a unique fusion of music and tech, proving that technology does not equal impersonal, and mechanical but is able to stimulate audiences emotionally, sonically and visually.

In 2014 Amsterdam-based singer & electronic music producer Chagall joined the London music tech startup MI.MU to develop the musical “MI.MU Gloves” which kicked off her fascination for the humanisation of electronic music performance. Since 2015 she creates audio-visual live shows at the crossroads of music, technology, visual art and choreography, supported by sensor technology and virtual simulations that she develops with her team. Chagall produces all the tracks and does a lot of the software development and programming herself.

In 2017 she produced her first full length live set with the MI.MU Gloves that sent her all across the globe to give performances and tell her story of using sensor-tech in music to colleagues & students.

In 2019 she created Advaita for which she turned the Xsens motion capture suit into a full body musical instrument.
ADVAITA is the coming together of the human and the digital. The real and the virtual.


In Advaita live music, technology, visual and movement work together in harmony as all artistic elements are controlled by one thing: the performer’s body.
Chagall is wearing a motion capture suit that simulates her body movement in a virtual 3D environment. This virtual environment is projected on the screen behind the performer. In Advaita audio and video are manifested in real-time, either directly from the movement of the body or driven by commands generated from gesture recognition.

In traditional EDM performances the music artist mostly interacts with buttons and screen-based interfaces, taking away from her interaction with the audience. In Advaita there are no interfaces blocking the connection between performer and audience. It is the performer’s (non-) choreographed movement that connect her to both the technology and the audience. The result is a synergy of movement, music and visual effects performance that is understood intuitively and emotionally.

Her performances took her to present at multiple TEDx events, Ableton Loop, MUTEK Montreal, Reeperbahn Festival, Sonar +D, Dutch Design Week, Nesta Futurefest, Boiler Room and many more. Apart from music festivals and pop music venues, Chagall presented and played at events for the likes of Apple, Skoda, TomTom, Opel, the European Commission, SingularityU, NextM and Factory Berlin.

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