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Andy Farag
Umphreys McGee - United States


Umphrey's McGee's new album, Mantis, (featuring Pearl Percussionist Andy Farag and drummer Kris Myers) debuts at #62 on the Billboard 200 Chart, and #6 on the Indie Chart.  Mantis also reached #25 on the Itunes Album Chart and #9 on the Itunes Rock Chart.

With Mantis’ week-of-release sales numbers at more than double that of the band’s previous album (The Bottom Half 2005), Umphrey’s McGee has defied the record industry’s downward trend in sales. This is due in part to Mantis’ innovative digital strategy, where fans who pre-ordered the album gained access to exclusive bonus material, and as more pre-orders were received, fans participated in “unlocking” new levels of content. Billboard Magazine recognized Umphrey’s McGee for their creative marketing savvy, calling the Mantis pre-order campaign “…a likely template for emerging and established acts [looking to] kick-start interest in a new release.”

Indeed, Umphrey’s McGee has forged a new path in digital music delivery by building a grassroots and viral grassroots marketing plan that super-serves their fan base.  The strategy relies on fan support, and is a win- win for both the fans and the band. As Umphrey’s McGee guitarist Jake Cinninger explains, "Our fans have always been there for us, and we wanted to return the favor and do something for them. We knew that this was a program that they'd love and that’s a good thing, because without them, it wouldn’t have worked."  Umphrey’s McGee manager Vincent Iwinski adds, "This was certainly an experiment in which we didn’t know what would happen, but we are pleased that the fans supported the idea, and ran with it."

In addition to a one-of-a kind pre-order campaign where fans can participate in "unlocking" exclusive bonus material, Mantis incorporates PUSH(TM) technology by Digital Insert to deliver new content throughout 2009.  PUSH requires no software installation or serial number; by simply putting the Mantis CD in your CD-ROM drive, the disc will act as a "key" to an micro-site where fans get access to exclusive 2009 content as it becomes available.

Mantis is yet another innovative music experience to be offered by Umphrey's McGee, who have proven adaptive and inventive both in music and business over the last 10 years. Through online community building, creative web-based promotions, and open taping policies allowing live music sharing among fans, Umphrey's McGee has harnessed the internet's momentum to spread their music far and wide. The band's download store is an archive of their ever-diverse live performances, hosting downloads of over 300 shows with 750,000 tracks sold since 2004. hosts the iTunes friendly UM Podcast which releases two 75-minute episodes of live material each month to its 20,000 subscribers. Since 2001, Umphrey's has released soundboard recordings of each night's concert immediately after the show in both physical and digital formats – and each show typically sells upwards of 300 copies per night. The band's unique approach to online and digital distribution, paired with word of mouth buzz, has helped Umphrey's McGee sell out shows nationwide while keeping their fans a top priority.

Look for Umphrey’s McGee on tour now.

Equipment Configuration

Solar Sparkle Finish
PBF300DXBA619  Bobby Allende Signature Quinto
PCF110DXBA619  Bobby Allende Signature Conga
PCF117DXBA619  Bobby Allende Signature Tumba
PCF125DXBA619 Bobby Allende Signature Bongos

PB900W All fit bongo stand
ETE1415MQ Marc Quinones Signature Timbales
ETE1205MQ Marc Quinones Signature Q-Popper
ALX1215 (6x12 rocket tom/6x15 rocket tom/T800W stand) Arctic White
ALX1821 (6x18 rocket tom/6x21 rocket tom/T800W stand) Arctic White
PTM50BHR ultra-grip tambourine brass
BCM10 mountable cowbell x 2
BCM3 bala cha cha cowbell
BCM8 bala timbale cowbell
PPS37 cowbell holder x 3
75X cowbell holder
CBS100 gatling cabasa
PTB06 tombourine with mount
PET60 Elite Series Triangle 6"
PET80 Elite Series Triangle 8"
PET100 Elite Series Triangle 10"
PTC300 Trio Triangle Holder
PTR1824W Trap Table w/ double braced stand
D1000 throne
TL2000 gyro-lock tilter x 2