Miles Stone

Miles Stone - Photo: Harrison Yount

Miles Stone

Cody Johnson

Miles Stone

Cody Johnson

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Boom, boom, crack.  Kick, kick, snare.  We've all heard it a million times.  That back beat that makes you toes tap and your head bounce.  Miles Stone heard it, then he learned it, now he lives it.

Hailing the small south Texas town of Poth, Miles was destined to drum.  His mama felt him moving to the music before he was even born.  At three years old he sat behind his first drum kit, and by age 5 he was banging out some version of "Under The Bridge" by TheRed Hot Chili Peppers.  In junior high he joined the school band and began to study percussion formally.  From marching band to snare drum solos, Miles took any and every drumming opportunity. He turned that into an affinity for marching, and a gold metal for every snare drum solo he ever played while in school, from a Junior High level solo all the way to "Africa Hot" by John Wooton. Along with other members of the high school drumline, this quickly let to garage bands. I was clear that drumming and taken a strong hold on Miles. 

After high school, he headed for College Station and Texas A&M University, and he certainly didn't leave his drums behind.  While earning a BS in Horticulture, Miles spent time playing in around Texas and surrounding states with a few bands. During that time he made friends with Cody Johnson. Fast forward a few years, Cody asked Miles to come on the road with him as his permanent drummer, which he has been for at least 10 years now.

When he isn't out on the road with the Cody and The Rockin' CJB, Miles enjoys spending time with his wife Samantha, their son Noah & their daughter Riley, watching football, woodworking, hunting and fishing.

With enough courage, talent, and hard work you might just get lucky enough to make your passion your livelihood.  Miles is no stranger to any of those things, and there's no doubt he'll prove it somewhere this weekend laying down grooves that have had a grip on him for as long as he can remember.

Equipment Configuration

Music City Custom

Masters Maple Reserve

White Marine Pearl #448


22x18 bass drum

10x8 tom

12x9 tom

16x16 floor tom

18x16 floor tom


14x6.5 Duoluxe Snare Drum