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Music City Mystique
8-time WGI World Champions - United States


Music City Mystique is an eight-time World Championship theatrical percussion ensemble based in the music capital of the world; Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 1995, the non-profit youth ensemble consists of approximately forty performing members between fourteen and twenty-two years of age. The group competes under the governing organization of Winter Guard International. These competitions are typically held in a large theater or gymnasium to enable the use of body movement, drill, elaborate costumes, props, backdrops, and floor coverings. All these elements are used by the ensembles to help set the "stage" and to convey their musical "story" to the audience. Winter Guard International holds local and regional competitions featuring performing groups from around the world striving to be named best in their class. These competitions are held beginning in January and continue through the WGI World Championships in April.


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Equipment Configuration

Adams Artist Series Marimba MAKF-50

Rosewood Bars MARWS50

Adams Artist Series Marimba MAKF-46

Rosewood Bars MARWS46

Adams Sololist Series Xylophone XSKF-35

Adams Vibraphone w/ Motor CV-1F

Adams Chimes BK3003CF

Adams Concert Glockenspiel GCF-33

Adams Artist Classic Glockenspiel w/ Damper PedalGAV-33