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James Fulmer
Renevus - United States


James Fulmer is native of San Antonio, Texas and has been playing drums for 25 years. He’s been involved in groups ranging from blues & rock, but his passion is in Contemporary Christian & Worship music. The past 15 years have been filled with playing out this passion through his drums. James is currently performing & recording with Texas based Indie Rock/Worship group, Renevus. Renevus literally means “rebirth” or “re-marked.” The band name comes as a result of how God has changed and continues to change us and shape our identities." Their latest EP offering, WE WILL RISE, is a mixture of rock, ambience & worship.

For the past 13 years in San Antonio, James has gained a reputation for his knack of great tuning, so much so, he have been given the gracious title of THE DRUM WHISPERER. “I love to find different voices & sounds out of different drums & the best place is in tuning of the head” says James. In those 13 years, Pearl drums have been his favorite drums to tune, especially their snares. His favorite thus far is the new 8x14 Mahogany Free Floating Snare, and the 15x5 Premium African Mahogany Sensitone Snare!

His very first kit was a Pearl BLX Black Lacquered kit with a 6.5x14 Steel Free Floating Snare. As James puts it “The drums were HUGE! 12”, 13”, 14” rack toms, 18” floor tom, & a 24” kick! Clear lacquered on the inside-they were SOOOOO smooth sounding! The Free Floating snare would loosen a filling in your tooth from 20 yards away-absolute POWER!”

“Pearl is the best reason I play drums.” He whispers.



Equipment Configuration

10x8 MCX Masters Maple Mocha Tamo Burst
12x9 MCX Masters Maple Mocha Tamo Burst
16x16 MCX Masters Maple Mocha Tamo Burst
22x18 MCX Masters Maple Mocha Tamo Burst
14x5.5 Masters Premium Maple Snare Midnight Fade
14x5 Chad Smith Signature Snare
10x5 Session Maple Snare
14x6.5 "Frankenstein" Snare(Made from Pearl Marching Snare)