Chris Retschulte

Chris Retschulte

Chris Retschulte

Rock Hill High School

Chris Retschulte

Rock Hill High School

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Christopher Retschulte is the Director of Percussion at Rock Hill High School in Prosper ISD in Prosper Texas. He holds a Masters Degree in percussion performance for the University of Massachusetts, where he was the Teaching Assistant to Thom Hannum. He also holds a Bachelor Degree from Eastern Kentucky University where he studied with Rob James.


Christopher was a member of the front ensemble of the Star of Indiana Drum and Bugle Corps in 1993, and has gone on to instruct and arrange for numerous drum corps including Star of Indiana Brass Theatre, The Troopers, Boston Crusaders, The Blue Knights, The Santa Clara Vanguard, The Academy, The Madison Scouts, and the Yokohama Scouts. He has additionally been on staff with the University of Massachusetts Percussion Department and Thom Hannum’s Mobile Percussion Seminar.


Christopher is currently the Percussion arranger for the Shijonawate Gauken High School Marching band in Osaka Japan. He is an active composer/arranger with Tapspace Publications. Throughout his career he has been awarded multiple WGI Gold Medals, multiple DCI High Percussion Trophies, multiple PAS Showcase Concerts, multiple All-Japan High Percussion Trophies, multiple BOA Regional Champions, and a Grand National Championship. He currently endorses Pearl/Adams Percussion, and Remo Drumheads. Christopher currently lives in Celina Texas with his wife, Andi and daughter, Lyric.

Chris' Gear

Pearl Marching

FFXM Championship Maple Snare Drums

PMTM Championship Maple Tenor Drums

PBDM Championship Maple Bass Drums

Pearl CX Air Frame Carriers

MBS3000 Advanced Marching Bass Drum Stand

MTS3000 Advanced Marching Tenor Stand

MSS3000 Advanced Marching Snare Drum Stand

Pearl Marching Covers

Pearl Marching Cases

Marching Bass Drum Accessory Mount (PCS11)

Marching Tom Accessory Mount (MUH10T)

Marching Tom Mount Accessory (BBS651B)

Bass Drum Mallet Holder (BMH100)

Adams Keyboards

5.0 Octave Alpha Z-Frame Marimba

4.6 Octave Artist Synthetic Marimba, Endurance Field Frame

4.3 Octave Concert Synthetic Marimba, Endurance Field Frame (MCKF43)

3.5 Octave Soloist Synthetic Xylophone, Endurance Field Frame (XSKF35)

3.3 Octave Artist Glockenspiel, Endurance Field Frame w/ Damper Pedal

3.0 Octave Concert Vibraphone, Endurance Field Frame (VCSF30)

Symphonic Chimes (BK3203CF)


Pearl Concert Percussion

36" x 18" Pearl Concert Bass Drum, STBDF Field Frame (PBE3618/F46)

14" x 4" Philharmonic Beaded Brass Snare Drum (PHB1440)

14" x 5" Philharmonic Solid Maple Snare Drum, #204 High Gloss Walnut (PHM1450204)

14" x 5" Philharmonic 6-Ply Maple Snare Drum, #204 High Gloss Walnut (PHP1450101)

14" x 6.5" Philharmonic African Mahogany Field Drum, #210 Matte Walnut (PHX1465210)

Philharmonic Double-Headed Concert Toms (PTA)

T1030 Tom Stand


Pearl Percussion & Accessories

Horacio Hernandez Signature Cowbells (HH3-HH4)

Pearl Slap Stick (PSS100)

PCX100 Rack Clamp

PCX200 Rack Clamp