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Grant Collins
Grant Collins - Australia


Described as a ‘Master Drummer’ and one of ‘Worlds Hottest Professional Drummers’, Grant Collins has an intense, almost spiritual passion for the drums. This infatuation has seen him tour his dynamic one man show, not just all over his native Australia, but also with a series of sell out international tours.

He has performed for thousands at sold out venues, pushing the limits and confines as a solo performer.

Grant is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the boundaries of music and leading the cutting edge of creative and unconventional drumming. His approach defies stereotypical drum set methodologies with his innovative and enthralling solo drum set compositions. He uses all four limbs both individually and as a collective to present multi-timbral soundscapes, defining the drum set as a contemporary solo instrument for the world stage. US drum magazine was recently quoted as saying:
“It’s hard to imagine a human acoustic drumkit performer advancing much beyond this level.”

He has received high accolades and reviews around the world for his DVD, Live @ the Tivoli – The Official Bootleg and his CD’s Primal Instinct and Dogboy.

As well as performing around the globe, Grant in currently in the process of completing his PhD in composition and performance. This has seen his reputation grow internationally, not only in performance but also in academic and educational sectors of the arts.

Grant’s instrument is as unique as his creative musical attributes. His custom drum set is valued at over $75,000. It is a one of a kind and takes a two-man team nearly two hours to assemble, prompting comments such as ‘the kit looks more like an artistic sculpture than an instrument’ (The Morning Bulletin).

Perhaps it is best summed up by internationally renowned drummer, Dom Famularo, who had this to say about Grant:
“I travel the world performing and meeting many great drummers. It is not often I hear someone who is on the cutting edge of modern drum set performance. Well, in Australia I heard that person…Grant Collins! When you hear him, be prepared for the ride he will take you on... you will remember it for the rest of your life!”


Equipment Configuration

MMP Masters Series
Antique Gold

     10x8 tom
     10x3 snare
     10x3 tom
     18x14 bass drum
     18x16 bass drum
     12x3 snare (played with foot)
      8x7 tom
      8x7 tom
     14x12  tom
      8x7 tom
     20x16 bass drum
      8x8 tom
      12x7 snare
      10x8 tom
      20x16 bass drum
      12x8 tom
      14x10 tom
      16x13 tom
      8” timbale
      10x5 snare
      22x16 bass drum
      16x14 tom
      12x2 snare
     13” compact conga
     13” compact conga

Pedal Set-up
1. 18 x 16 bass drum
2. 8 x 8 tom
3. Remix jungle hihats
4. 10 x 4 snare drum
5. 6" Zilbel + tambourine jingles hihats
6. Cowbell
7. 12" Mastersound hihats
8. 20 x 16 bass drum
9. 10" efx hihats (cable)
10. 14" trashformer + 13" dynobeat bottom hihats (cable)
11. 20 x 16 bass drum
12. 12" Mastersound hihats
13. Woodblock
14. Tambourine
15. 22 x 16 bass drum
16. 20" Oriental crash of doom
17. Compact conga (hi pitch offset)
18. Compact conga (low pitch offset)