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Christopher Combs
Regional Drumset Artist - United States


*Donotes influential regional endorser.

In a time where bands are manufactured and songs are simply background music for night clubs, leer43 remains to produce important and meaningful music. Formed by Brandon Metz nearly a decade ago, the band has made considerable transformations in lineups. Through the years and personnel change ups, the goal has stayed the same; to make quality music that does not simply blend into the deluded culture at large. A leer43 show is a musical window into the hearts and minds of the band.

One in the crowd can run the gamut of emotions from angstful, distortion driven rock ballads telling of friendships lost, to smokey, jazz-infused songs about the state of things today, to acoustic powered songs of love and emotional connection. There is even the occasional hip-hop medley where audience participation is common due to the circa early nineties material. Leer43 has celebrated many accolades and shared the stage with national acts like the Gin Blossoms, Steriogram, Super Drag, Lola Ray, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Moke, Chicago, and Leanne Womack, however, the mission and the commitment to what is truly behind this music stays the same.

They are not another band powered by outside song writers, nor are they media darlings or poster boys for a corporate rock economy. They are leer43 and that will never change.

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