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Marching Cases


Marching / Pipe Band's Cases, Bags & Covers

Marching Cases

Protect your battery with Pearl Marching Cases! These rotationally molded cases are able to ensure years of wear and tear, making them a sound investment for your battery. Each drum's respective case fits its drum closely, minimizing movement inside the case during transport. Pearl Marching Cases are finished in durable plastic and feature a nylon strap with a plastic clip to secure the top.

Pearl Marching Cases are compatible with most brands' battery instruments.


Marching Cases

Snare Drum Case

Fits 14" and 13" diameter snare drums.

Tenor Set Case

Fits all tenor configurations.

Bass Drum Case

Bass Drum Cases are available in appropriate sizes for respective drum diameters.


Rotationally Molded

Pearl Marching Cases are rotationally molded to provide strength and form.

Optimal Fit

Battery instruments fit into the cases with minimal excess space to keep the instruments safe during transport.

Durable Strap and Clip

Pearl Marching Cases feature a black nylon strap and robust plastic clip to affix the top of the case securely.


Model Description
PD1412 13"x11" & 14"x12" Snare Drum Case
PD8004 Tenor Set Case - all configurations
PD1414 14"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD1614 16"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD1814 18"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD2014 20"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD2214 22"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD2414 24"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD2614 26"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD2814 28"x14" Bass Drum Case
PD3016 30"x16" Bass Drum Case
PD3216 32"x16" Bass Drum Case