Music City Custom Drums


Making Your Dream Drums a Reality.

Get an exclusive look at our Music City Custom process and see how we can create drums to your specifications in record time.

Music City Custom Series Drums
  • Choice of Four Shell Types

    Reference, Reference Pure, Masters Maple Reserve, Masters Maple Gum

  • 35 Tour Ready Finishes

    Made by Delmar USA, hand applied with time tempered precision.

  • Assembled in the USA

    Hand assembled and inspected. Guaranteed by our unbeatable Warranty.


Choose the Recipe that Defines your Sound.

The vast projection of Reference, near field vibe of Reference Pure, classic tones of Masters Maple Reserve, or studio proven sound of Masters Maple/Gum.

  • The Music City Shell Bank

    An active stock of player preferred sizes in each shell recipe.

  • From the Masterworks Vault

    Each shell recipe is selected from premium Masterworks hardwoods.

  • Sound Sculpting Edges

    Reference and Masters recipe shells have unique edge profiles.


A Four Decade Tradition of Artist Craftsmanship

Music City Custom provides the true Artist Experience and a drum set like no other. Quick custom manufacturing, massive size and finish selection, industry leading craftsmanship, and Pearl's exclusive Lifetime Warranty all combine to set a new standard for USA born high end drum sets.

MCC Hardware
  • Preselected by Shell

    Lugs, Hoops, and Mounts configured to complement the shell.

  • Stylish and Efficient

    Designed to shine and perform for a lifetime.

  • Stainless Steel Tension Rods

    Hold precise tuning without slip in play.


A New Standard in USA Born Snare Drums

Select a snare drum voice to complement your Music City Custom Drum Set. High end options include 20-ply or EvenPly Six blended Maple/Birch, all Maple or Maple/Gum, or four Solid Shell models for a truly distinctive sonic signature.

Music City Custom Snare
  • Reference Snare Recipes

    Choose powerful and formidable or lively and resonant.

  • The Masters Mojo

    Maple Reserve and Maple/Gum each have defining tone.

  • Music City Solid

    Steam bent solid shell drums define luxury.


Ready to Define Your Command of the Stage.

With a broad palette of visually radiant wrapped finishes, Music City Custom offers you 35 different Premium covering options from Delmar USA. From classic Sparkles and vintage Pearloids to Glass Glitters and Satins, it's all here and ready to inspire your drumming creativity.

  • The Vintage Vibe

    Choose from quintessential Sparkles and Pearls for a classic statement that always looks fresh.  

  • Current and Contemporary

    Ultra bold and vibrant Glass Glitters and Mirror Chrome fit the bill for head-turning flash.

  • Abalone and Satin Moire

    Mix things up with these variant, eye-catching textures and patterns.



20x14 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom
14x14 Floor Tom 

*Suggested Configuration
Sold only in Components


22x16 Bass Drum
12x8 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

*Suggested Configuration
Sold only in Components


22x18 Bass Drum
10x7 Tom
12x8 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

*Suggested Configuration
Sold only in Components


22x18 Bass Drum
10x8 Tom
12x9 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

*Suggested Configuration
Sold only in Components


24x14 Bass Drum
13x9 Tom
16x16 Floor Tom

*Suggested Configuration
Sold only in Components