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Steve Asheim
Deicide/Order of Ennead - United States


Founding member, drummer, and primary music writer for Deicide. First signed to Roadrunner Records in 1989, first worldwide release in 1990. Have released 13 records with Deicide, 10 of which are original material. Others include the '89 demo release of Amon, a live cd in '98 and a "Best of..." in '02.

Deicide has also recorded for Earache records, including 2 live DVD's and several music videos. Deicide is currently with Century Media records.

Also a founding member of black/death metal hybrid Order Of Ennead, who released 2 cd's for Earache records.

Also a multi-instrumentalist, playing and composing works for guitar and piano.
Having written well over 60 songs on guitar and actually playing all rythm guitar tracks on Deicide's "Till Death Do Us Part" , and even a few leads.

A piano piece appears as a hidden track on Deicide's "Scars of the Crucifix", and there are 2 piano pieces on Order Of Ennead's self titled debut. A transposition and embellishment intro of the song "Dismantling An Empire", as well as a finally piece of original composition with the feel of a Beethoven or Chopin funeral march.

Have toured the world as a drummer for over 20 years with routine trips to most of the worlds major music markets, and still going strong.


Deicide on Myspace
Order of Ennead on Myspace

Equipment Configuration

Reference Series:
Piano Black (1030)

22x18- bass drum (x2)
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
13x10- rack tom
16x16- floor tom