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Martin Skaroupka
Cradle of Filth - Europe


Marthus (birthname Martin Škaroupka) was born on 20th January 1981 in Czech Republic (living in Newcastle/England and in Brno/Czech republic recently). From his childhood he was raised to love music. Father, who is himself is active in music from his early youth up till now (band Dogma Art), has always been taking his son to majority of concerts and rehearsals which took place in the city that days.

Since he was 6, Martin started attending piano and singing lessons at LŠU Brno (attendance until 13). Because there were no drums lessons at any of the music schools of that time available, he began to take private lessons from prof. Cupák (member of Janá?ek opera in Brno).

When 15 years old, he was admitted to Leoš Janá?ek Conservatory, where he graduated in drums and as an additional instrument - piano.

Marthus began playing with various bands of various music styles when he was 15 (1996). In the same year, his first studio enterprise is released (band Animal Farm), which is followed by another studio CD with band Pink Chubby Cigar.

In 1997 Marthus and his long-time friend Khaablus are founding band Inner Fear, where Marthus is responsible for all compositions, keyboards and drums. In the same year the first demo comes out and until 2003 two more mini-CDs and three full lenght albums (out of which the first was never released officially).

Let us stay in 1997 for a while when Marthus is playing live shows with bands Monastery, Pluggulp (also 1 CD recorded), Inner Fear, Happy Death and Scharnhorst. In the last band mentioned he meets guitar player Ashok (recently Root, Equirhodont) for the first time and participates on recording of CD.

In the years following (1997-2000) plays live not only with Happy Death (2 CDs recorded) and Inner Fear, but also appears as a guest drummer on Melancholy Pessimism minitour (r. 2000), in a project of Root singer Ji?í "Bigboss" Valter, BigBoss (r.2000) and in 1999 recording CD of project Entrails (where he meets Root guitar player, Petr "Blackie" Hošek).

In the beginning of 2001, Marthus takes place on drummer-stool in Pandemia, setting out on a spring european tour, after which the cooperation is finished.

A very fruitful Inner Fear period follows and in 2003 first cooperation with bands Equirhodont and Galactic Industry. Besides active playing with these 3 bands Marthus is also did studio and live session work with bands of various genres.

In summer 2004 Marthus filmed his first drumming DVD and moved from Czech Republic to England.

In autumn 2004 Marthus joined English band Mantas (legendary Venom guitarist Jeff "Mantas" Dunn) and in summer 2005 started his cooperation with Czech power/speed/symphonic metal band Symphonity (ex Nemesis).

In January 2006 Marthus recorded drums for a new Symphonity album at House of Audio studios in Germany.

Herein I would like to thank my parents, without whose love and support I could never fully realize in what I like most in the whole world - music.


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Cradle Of

Equipment Configuration

BRX Masters Series
Black Sparkle

22x18 bass drum x 2
8x8 tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x12 tom
16x14 tom
13x6.5 Reference Series snare drum in Twilight Fade

H2000 hi-hat stand
S2000 snare stand
P2000B pedal x 2
D1000C throne
RH2000 remote hi-hat
CH2000 cymbal holder x 6
CH2000S cymbal holder x 3
TH2000S tom holder x 5
DR503 ICON rack
DR501 ICON front rack
RJ50 mini-expansion bar
PCX100 clamp x 11
PCX200 clamp x 5
UX80 tube extender
HA100 hi-hat/BD attachment