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Karl Boudreaux
Independent - United States


Drummer from south Louisiana, Karl started playing at the young age of 8. Over his 25 years of playing and studying music, he has been privileged to share stages across the United States with many amazing musicians. From orchestra concert bands, jazz ensemble groups, church worship teams, small acoustic settings to large concert venues, he has learned that being a drummer is about playing for the music. "Less is more" is the philosophy he has behind the drum kit. "As the drummer in a band, you are the glue that holds everything together. It's all about the groove and playing tasteful fills in the right spot that compliments the rest of the band. Music is a conversation and no one likes to converse with someone who is always talking." Karl is currently the drummer of The Gillis Silo, an up and coming modern country act from Baton Rouge, La. and also works as a free-lance drummer in south Louisiana.



Equipment Configuration

BCX Masters Birch
Lava Bubinga
24x18 bass drum
10x8 tom
14x12 tom
16x14 tom
14x6.5 Hybrid Exotic snare drum

H2000 hi hat stand
BC2030 cymbal stand
BC1030 cymbal stand x2
S1030 hi hat stand