David “Hayden” Coezy

David “Hayden” Coezy

David “Hayden” Coezy


David “Hayden” Coezy


Country:   France Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


David "Hayden" Coezy started playing drums in 1994, at the age of two with his father, and later integrated music school.


In 2013, David became a professional drummer and plays mainly pop, hip-hop and gospel music.


During his career, David has played with various renowned artists such as Maître Gims, Vitaa, Michelle Williams or Youssoupha and is the official drummer of 100 Voices of Gospel.


David has been an official endorsee of Pearl since 2017.


David uses a Pearl Master Complete and a Pearl Master Reserve for his live performances.




Master Maple Complete

Inferno Red Sparkle

22"x18" Bass Drum

10"x7” Tom

12"x8” Tom

16"x14” Floor Tom

14"x5.5" Snare Drum


Snare: STA1450AL Sensitone Aluminium 14"x5” and STA1465AL Sensitone Aluminium 14"x6.5” Snare Drums



P-2050C Eliminator RedLine Single Pedal, Chain Drive

BC-830 Boom Cymbal Stand

H-1050 Hi-Hat Stand