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David Northrup

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David Northrup


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Nashville resident David Northrup is the touring drummer for The Travis Tritt Band. David's skill and talent as a busy touring musician is matched only by his long list of credits and work that he has done with a multitude of artists over varying genres.


Jed Nugent, Ban Jovi, Vern Halen, and Hillbilly Idol are the 4 Hillbilly Jedi's that make up the Blue Collar, Zombie Killing, gun toting band known as the REDNECK ZOMBIE KILLERS.


Take 4 cups of Hank Williams Jr. , 2 cups of Beastie Boys, a pinch of Red Hot Chili Peppers, roll that up in a BIG OLE guitar slingin' tortilla, sprinkle GUN POWDER, and Hollow Points all over that, and serve it up with a side of Kid Rock and ZZ Top ......... and you get the....... REDNECK ZOMBIE KILLERS


Check out their new CD, When the Zombies Come...

David's career really took off around 1997 when he started to land some of the more high profile sessions and live gigs both in and outside of the Nashville scene. His long and versatile list of playing credits includes work with Legendary Rock Guitarist Les Dudek, John Waite, The James Brown Horns, Shane Theriot. Country Artists Joe Diffie, Doug Stone, Tanya Tucker, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Lila McCann, Jo-De Messina, Jo-El Sonnier and Jam Band Sensation The Disco Biscuits just to name a few.

Equipment Configuration



ICON Rack System

CH1030 cymbal arms

S930D snare stand

S1030 snare stand

H1050 Redline Eliminator 3 leg hh stand

Pearl Eliminator Pedals