Pearl Drums
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DeCarlos Davis
Brothers Pearl - United States


Born and raised in Winston Salem, NC, DeCarlos got his musical start in church at the age of 5. Influenced by drummers such as; Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, Horacio Hernandez and many others, has helped build him mentally and physically to be creative and expand his different styles.

Over the past few years, he has gained a lot of attention through social media reaching thousands across the globe. He’s currently the drummer for the triad's most popular band, Brothers Pearl, and plans to release his first solo project soon.

Equipment Configuration

Session Studio Classic
Platinum Mist
10x7 tom
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x14 floor tom
22x16 bass drum
14x6.5 Sensitone Brass snare drum
14x6.5 Masters MCX snare drum
13x3 Piccolo steel snare drum


BC930 boom stand x6
H2000 hi hat stand
P2002C Eliminator double pedal
S930 snare stand x2
D2500 throne