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Craig Nunenmacher
Independent - United States


Craig Nunenmacher joined the Black Label Society in July of 2000 while playing for Crowbar, who was touring with BLS at the time. Original BLS drummer Phil Ondich left the band mid-tour, and to keep the tour on the road, Craig filled in for Phil, pulling double-duty in both Crowbar and BLS for the rest of the tour. A few weeks into that tour, he was asked to join the band permanently.

In 2003, during a short break from Black Label Society (as front-man Zakk Wylde was focusing on a full-time tour with Ozzy Osbourne), Craig reunited with Kirk Windstein and wrote and recorded Crowbar's Lifesblood for the Downtrodden album, which also featured Pantera's Rex Brown on bass, and a guest performance on the track "Lifesblood" by former BLS bassist Steve Gibb on guitar.

In March 2008 it was announced that Nunenmacher's albums — "Crowbar" (1993), "Time Heals Nothing" (1995) and "Live+1" EP (1995) will be reissued in Europe on April 21, 2008 with bonus and multimedia tracks.

Craig continued to perform and record with BLS until early 2010.


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Equipment Configuration

Masterworks Series
Piano Black w/ gold hardware
all 8-ply maple shells
24x18 bass drum x 2
12x10 tom
14x10 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare BRX Masters Series
Smokey Chrome wrap
24x18 bass drum x 2
13x10 tom
14x11 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum
BC2000 boom stand x 2
B1000 boom stand x 4
H2000 hi-hat stand
S2000 snare stand
TC1000 tom/cymbal stand
P2000C pedal x 2
D1000C throne
CLH1000 closed hi-hat
AX20 adapter
DCL90 drop clutch