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Charles LaMont Garner
India Arie - United States


Charles LaMont Garner, native of Charleston SC, is a professional drummer and singer that started traveling abroad in the Gospel music industry at the age of 16. The experience of being in Lugano, Switzerland June 1992 opened his eyes to one of his purposes in life. That purpose was to be a musician, and the best that he could be at it.

Within his career, Charles has played for or shared the stage with artist such as TWEET, Alicia Keys, Mint Condition, Co Co Taylor, Mavis Staples, Four Play, Marcus Miller, Al Green, Wanda Johnson, John P. Kee, Hezekiah Walker, Albertina Walker, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy, and many others.

In July 2010 after moving to Atlanta Ga., he started playing for 2x Grammy Award winning artist Melanie Fiona. With this band he’s been given the opportunity to tour Europe twice and go on the BET Music Matters tour of the US along with spot dates until March 2012.

Charles is now drumming & singing with 4x Grammy artist India Arie. Since starting with her in Sept. 2011, he has toured the US, Australia, Curacao (North Sea Jazz Fest), Jakarta Indonesia (Java Jazz Fest), and recorded some drums and vocals on upcoming projects. Also, he had the awesome privilege of performing with India at the Apollo Theater in Harlem NY for President Barack Obama’s campaign fundraiser. Where he performed his unforgettable rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” To take part in a night as monumental as that is going to be a hard one to top, but he’s looking forward to many more GREAT experiences in the world of music!

Charles is the founder of the Next Generation Youth Music Conference. Teaching young instrumentalist the art of true musicianship, which is, “A GREAT ATTITUDE will always triumph over talent!” He realizes that his gift isn't for him only, but was given to share with the WORLD! So far, he's been able to do so. He will continue sharing the wisdom and knowledge obtained within his career, life and as a human being for the rest of it here on earth.