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Ravi Jakhotia
Howie do it / Ravi Drum - United States


DJ RAVIDRUMS originates a hip, epic musical movement unique to the LA music scene and the world.

Two black discs can make a crowd go wild, but add an explosive performer, like DJ RAVIDRUMS remixing live on the drums and percussion, and you have the most powerful party element anyone has ever experienced. Whether you thrill for the sensual sounds that move your body, mind and soul and transport you to nirvana or an orgasmic musical frenzy that sends your senses pulsing, DJ RAVIDRUMS takes it to the next level and seals the deal.

Having performed everywhere from such elite and notorious private residences as the Playboy mansion to the most exclusive red carpet events for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Nintendo and FOX, DJ RAVIDRUMS is unstoppable.

Bringing his high-octane, in-your-face energy to hip-hop, rock, funk, house, Latin, Brazilian and reggaeton, DJ RAVIDRUMS transcends with imagination and originality.

DJ's such as Oakenfold and artists such as icons Tupac Shakur, Grammy winners Will Smith, Ricky Martin and George Clinton, members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slash and most recently Supa-Star Producer Lil' Jon for Pit Bull's latest release and the Black Eyed Peas, all crave the unbridled passion and electricity unique only to DJ RAVIDRUMS.

DJ RAVIDRUMS rocks and excites any crowd from the illustrious Times Square, the catwalks and after parties of Fashion Week, the Winter Music Conference, Sundance and all over the world from North America to India and Japan.

Having played all the hottest spots across the country, DJ RAVIDRUMS will conquer them all and make your party or event historic.