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Gino Castillo
Independent - United States


His music studies begin in Ecuador, with various local teachers. Soon Gino, will travel to Cuba, were que settles for several years. Gaining experience as a professional musician, he spends most of his time studying with master teacher Oscar Valdez Moreno. In The meantime he would study in “Centro de investigation y desarollo de la musica cubana” (a school specialized in the investigation and development of Cuban music), in Felix Varela School, and “Escuela Alejandro Garcia Caturla.”

In the year 2000, and motivated by his master teacher, Oscar Valdes, he decides to make a switch in his main instrument, dedicating his time and his talent to the “tumbadoras, bongos, timbales, guiro.. etc..” Since then his musical talent has been heard in many albums, and live shows, as he has colaborated with many Ecuadorian musicians, as well as some other international artists, such as:

Jessy J, Earl Klugh, Charleston jazz big band, Fernando Rivas, José Pepito Gómez, Conjunto Guantánamo, Horacio el Negro Hernández, John Benítez, Zaccai Curtis, Frank Rubio, Ymelda Marie-Louisa, Oscarito Valdés, Paulo Moura, Pascoal Meirelles, André Neiva, Rafael Paceiro, Emilio Morales, Cruks en Karnak, Juan Fernando Velasco, Pamela Cortés, Chaucha Kings, Sergio Sacoto, Fausto Miño. Alex Alvear, Guerrilla Clika, Pueblo Nuevo, Carmen González, Tito Junco,  Oscarito Valdés,  etc…
This, between many more work as a recording artist and extensive touring, some of which resulted in colaborations with experienced musicians from around the world as:

Pepito Gómez, Alex, Alvear, Parcoal Meirelles Andre Neiva, Paulo Moura, Oscarito Valdes, Rafael Paceiro, Emilo Morales, Ymelda Marie-Louise, Javier Tito Junco’s live cd (“Sinfonia en Jazz 2001”), Piso 21 from Colombia, Cuban singer Mara Bauza and Horacio “El negro” Hernandez
Horacio joined Gino in a national Tour with percussion clinics donde by Pearl, which since 2007 has been his exclusive sponsor, making him the first Latin American percussionist to appear on there regular e-newsletter in which they promoted the record release of “Ya Llegamos”.

At the same time, since year 2003 Gino has maintained his cymbals sponsor with Sabian, becoming the first Ecuadorian musician to be sponsored by a worldwide brand. To follow up his success, in 2006 ecuadorian drumsticks brand Pears did a exclusive Gino Castillo’s signature drumsticks…all of this followed up to by a personal recommendation by latin music master, Ruben Blades, who on his weekly show that air’s through recomends Castillo’s Music.

On the more Educational side, Gino Castillo was the head Percussion teacher sin 2003 until 2007 for the “Instituto de Musica Contemporanea” from Universidad San Fransisco de Quito and which is part of the Berklee College of Music Network. He’s also developed a learning method called “La Tecnica es la tecnica y sin tecnica no hay tecnica” which is schedule for a DVD and found in 2009 in asociation with Conservatorio George Gershwin, the "Centro de Percusión Latina Gino Castillo".

Since January 2009, he owns the “Centro de Percusion Latina Gino Castillo” which is part of the George Gershwin Conservatory in Quito, Ecuador, where he has been developing a modern method of learning based on his many years as a musician and teacher.

His album “Ya llegamos” (dedicated to Paola Racines [r.i.p.])is his first latin jazz record as a solo artist. Before that in 2006, he had already done a similar album with the band “Santa Palabra”. The album was called “Un Dia” which contained compositions by all musicians. “Ya Llegamos” instead is in its totally an album composed by Gino himself, which he had the honor to share the estudio experience with about 27 national and international musicians, like Horacio “El negro” Hernandez, Alex Alvear, Michelle Ferre, Carlos Mena, Tony Rodriguez (Isaac Delgado’s ex pianist), Carlos Miyares (from Chucho Valdez group), Christian Hidrovo, and many more musicians whom recorded in Quito, New Jersey and La Habana, and mixed & mastered at PJ Audio in Quito, Ecuador, by Paul Jacome.


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