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Cesar Espinoza
Orquesta Tobaco Y Ron - United States


Professional Percussionist Cesar Espinoza also known by many as “Timbalero Del Barrio” was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica, December 31st, 1971.

Cesar started his career at the early age of 6, at the local Private Parties, Rodeos, and Fairs, and National Costa Rican television programs. At the age of 10 Cesar got his first Gig to perform at ‘Los Fabulosos Sabados”, a very famous Saturday Show back in his country Costa Rica.

At the age of 17, Cesar move to New York from Costa Rica and begin his new career as a percussionist.

In 1990 he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he took advantage of the opportunity that Oswald Bernard gave him to become the lead percussionist for a well-known L.A Band Opa Opa. After playing with Opa Opa for many years the best salsa bands took notice on him for his unique combination of technique and streets experience playing.

Cesar with his brother Chino  Espinoza created the hot salsa band in Los Angeles, “Los Duenos Del Son”, where he was the Director of the band releasing two CD’s and recording with different artist and bands, taking over the hottest dance clubs with their unique Costa Rican style.

Cesar’s attention to detail in percussion instruments, sound, and mostly salsa music enabled him with the experience to perform with great singers and bands such as Conga Brava with famous music director Oscar Hernadez, Pedro de Jesus, Charlie Cruz, Michael Stuart, Eddie Santiago, Celia Cruz, Kevin Sevallo, Andie Montanez, Luisito Carrion, Cano Estremeda, Alquimia, Anthony Cruz, Jose Ernesto, Pedro Conga, Maelo Ruiz, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Johnny Rivera, among others. Those were the stepping stones to be not only one of the best latin timbale player in the world but also, one of the best music directors for salsa orquestras.

After directing Yari More Orquestra for more than 6 years and Los Duenos Del Son for 8 years, Cesar “El Timbalero Del Barrio” moved to his natal Country Costa Rica 3 years ago and is now the Band Director for one of the best salsa Bands in Costa Rica and central America Orquesta Madera Nueva.

This true heart talented musician, Cesar Espinoza is without a doubt one of the best Latin Percussionist of this era. Cesar is proudly endorse by Pear Drums, Sabian, and Vic Firt music companies and was prudly voted by the Drummies Reader Poll Awards and Drum Magazine as the Rising Star Percussionist of the Year for 2008.