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Banished Beyond
DCI Wannabe - United States


Banished Beyond is an avid percussionist longing to find a place in the Drum Corps Community.  Legend has it that he was spawned in the depths of Mount Doomforge, from dragon's blood and shattered orc bones.  An evil wizard of black magic cast a banishment spell on him, fusing a mask to his face, never to be removed.  Banished Beyond relocated to the Banished Cave and spent many years practicing numerous percussion techniques and styles.   It is rumored that anyone who dares to visit the Banished Cave uninvited will vanish from the face of the Earth. 
After many years of preparation, Banished Beyond began the long journey to find his way to the 50.  Many tapes have recently surfaced, depicting Banished Beyond's attempts at making the cut, only to literally be "banished beyond existence".  It is uncertain where these tapes come from, or who filmed them, but we can only thank the advancements of technology today for providing us with such footage. Banished Beyond has almost performed with world class groups and various other ensembles.  Once, he was almost considered to play at Carnegie Hall.  Multiple times, he almost made the local high school marching band.

-2007 Crossmen Auditionee
-2008 Phantom Regiment Auditionee
-2008 Bluecoats Auditionee
-2009 Bluecoats Auditionee
-2009 Blue Devils Auditionee
-2009 Blue Knights Auditionee
-2009 Blue Stars Auditionee
-2009 Boston Crusaders Auditionee
-2009 Cavaliers Auditionee
-2009 Cadets Auditionee
-2009 SCV Auditionee
-2009 Spirit Auditionee
-DCI Percussion Field Judge Auditionee
-Blast! Auditionee


Banished You Tube


Equipment Configuration

Pearl Championship FFX1412 Snare Drum