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Mike Froedge
The Dreaded Marco - United States


I now run my own recording studio in Atlanta, GA!!!... I produce, engineer, drink coffee, mix, play drums, drink coffee, tweak, twist, turn, switch, drink coffee, plug, unplug, drink coffee, tangle cables, untangle cables, EQ, drink coffee, compress, edit, slice, dice, drink coffee, eat sushi, break stuff, fix stuff, mix stuff, and take out the trash.

I'm also working on a new project with two great friends of mine: Nick Catanese from Black Label Society, and Mike Stone from Queensryche! We have spent a few weeks off-and-on at my studio writing and recording songs for an album that we plan to release sometime in 2008 or early 2009!!! It is a completely new direction for all of us, not sounding like anything the three of us have been involved in previously! We have a myspace page up and running right now, with a "real" website to follow soon.

We also performed an acoustic set at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA back in January, at the Samson booth. This was officially our first "gig".... hahaha.. MUCH more laid-back than our "real" show will be.... but we thought it was a good opportunity to premier acoustic versions of a couple of the band's new songs, and we were also very happy to play there as a big "thank you" to Mark Menghi and everyone at Samson for taking great care of all of us!

Look for me on the upcoming Jesse James Dupree & Dixie Inc. album. I played drums on this album, and am featured in the video. Another video is in the works for the single "Rev It Up and Go Go"...

Most recently, I played drums for WWE/TNA Wrestler and Playboy Playmate Christy Hemme's upcoming album! Check her site for details about when it's coming out, etc...


Mike Froedge

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