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Justin Nace
Sidewalk Prophets - United States


I grew up playing drums for hours on end in my basement, playing along to my favorite records and working on my own ideas. I took lessons throughout school and performed in drum lines, concert bands, percussion ensemble. After high school, I attended West Chester University and studied percussion performance with Dr. Chris Hanning. I had a lot of great opportunities while I was there. I played in orchestras, percussion ensemble, recitals, campus crusade worship, performance competitions on the state, regional and national level, and with local Philadelphia bands and producers. It was a great learning experience.

After college I moved to Nashville to pursue playing drums professionally.  After two years of being a hired gun, I was reminded of my dream as a kid of being in a band. I met my current bandmates in Sidewalk Prophets and decided to go for it. Shortly after that we found ourselves signing a deal and making a record. I love being able to make music for a living and consider myself blessed to be able to do so.

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Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Purple Craze
22x18 bass drum
12x8 tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5.5 Masters Custom snare

2000 Series hardware, pedals, and throne