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Jon Farriss
INXS - Australia


With 30 million albums sold. 4,000 live performances to over 25 million fans. INXS are one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and the man steering the rhythm ship for the iconic band is Jon Farriss. Acknowledged by industry peers including super producer Nile Rodgers, and the legendary Ringo Starr as one of the greatest drummers ever, Jon developed a unique and distinct drum sound that helped give the super-group their funk.

Jon Farriss is recognized as one of modern music's pioneers – not only embracing but excelling in the use of sampled drum sounds & sequencers in a domain previously dominated by keyboard players.  Primarily recognized as drummer and a founding member of the iconic Australian band INXS, Jon also pioneered the musical movement that changed the way many drummers approach playing live, shaping the sound of the 80s and 90s.

Growing up in Perth as the youngest of the Farriss brothers, Jon’s early years exposed him to a myriad of musical influences. Farriss recalls a defining moment when his love of drums began – his first day of kindergarten. The young boy walked in to see a small stage containing a French marching drum. The connection was instantaneous. Only a year later in primary school, Jon became the drummer in the school’s marching band. His father encouraged his love for the instrument by buying him his first drum kit in 1968. Jon taught himself drums playing along to The Beatles’ records

INXS formed in 1977 when Jon was still a teenager at 16. No stranger to drum machines, Jon was one of the first on the block to use computer-sequencing software in the mid to late 80s. By integrating digital sampling and electronic augmentation early on, he solidified his trademark ‘locked in like a machine’ drumming style.

Jon co-wrote INXS album tracks including “Old World New World” (Shabooh Shoobah), “Melting In The Sun” and “Red Red Sun” (Listen Like Thieves), “Faith In Each Other” (X) and “Back On Line” (Welcome To Wherever You Are). Some of Jon’s co-written hits include “Disappear” in 1990 (X) and “The Gift” in 1993 (Full Moon Dirty Hearts). He also wrote and sang several INXS b-sides including “You Never Used to Cry,” “I’m Over You,” “Everybody Wants U Tonight” and co-wrote “Deepest Red.”

Jon’s passion for music led to several successful collaborations and creative relationships that continue today. At age 19, Jon played on Richard Clapton’s “The Great Escape” (produced by Mark Opitz), forging a long-standing relationship with Richard and legendary Australian producer, Mark Opitz. Both Richard and Mark went on to produce INXS albums. Jon’s relationship with Richard Clapton saw him co-write three tracks from his 1986 “Glory Road” album, as well as earn him production credits.

Jon played five arena concerts with Toto in the 2003 “Night of the Proms” in Europe, filling in for drummer Simon Phillips who had fallen ill. Additionally, Jon’s been invited on stage by some of the most prominent and well-respected musicians of all time.  In a defining moment of  ‘the pupil meets his master’, Jon appeared on stage with Ringo Starr in February 2013, during Ringo’s All Starr Band performance in Sydney. With Ringo singing, Jon played Ringo’s drums to The Beatles’ song “With A Little Help From My Friends.” He was also invited and recognized on stage by Nile Rodgers in Sydney’s iconic Opera House recently, where Nile recalled, “My inspiration to work with INXS was after seeing their drummer Jon Farriss perform live, when the band were playing on a festival with Hall & Oates”.

2010 saw Jon as co-executive producer on INXS’s tribute album, “Original Sin”. He co-produced several tracks on that album featuring artists including Rob Thomas, Ben Harper, Tricky, John Mayer and Pat Monahan.

Jon is currently working on some unique new material, which he plans to release in late 2014. Stay tuned!


Equipment Configuration

Pearl Reference Series:
White Marine Pearl (400)

22x18 bass drum
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Sensitone Elite Brass
DR-503 ICON rack system
DR501CE ICON side rack x2
PCX100 rack clamp x24
CH-1000 boom cymbal arms x9
TH-1030s gyro lock tom arms x4
S-2000 snare stand
H-2000 hi-hat stand
CLH-930 closed hi-hat stand
P-2000c Eliminator chain drive pedal
D-2500 throne


MRP Masters Series
INXS Glitter Wrap
22x16 bass drum
13x11 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x5.5 snare drum

DR503 ICON rack
PCX100 clamp x 11
CH1000 cymbal holder x 8
S2000 snare stand
H2000 hi-hat stand
P2000C pedal
D1000 throne
TH2000S tom holder