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John Douglas
Sammy Hagar & The Wabos - United States


John A. Douglas - Artist, Drummer, Dreamer...

I admit it!! I am hopelessly addicted to all things percussive. If there is a drum in the room, it seeks me out and pulls me in with its tractor beam. I love the look, sound and feel of a drumkit. It is a beautiful sculpture that emits a seductive sound…its siren’s call. I half-jokingly refer to myself as a “recovering drummer.”

Born in Godfrey, Illinois, a small town across the mighty Mississippi from St. Louis, my earliest memories include beating on pots , pans and oatmeal boxes with my mom’s knitting needles and “customizing” my Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars ( ruining their value as collectable items now).

This ultimately lead to an orange sparkle “real” drumkit , the first installment of what would become a long line of ever-expanding and visually-exhausting custom drum kits.(click here for the Evolution of a Drummer photo gallery ) And what of my dubious efforts at improving the look of my Hot Wheels ? That eventually met its obvious conclusion….a full scale custom 1951 GMC pick-up truck built entirely in my garage. Somehow I have managed to forge a career or two out of these very passions.

Soon my father was transferred, so my family packed up the car and drove to Houston, Texas. With out a doubt, playing drums was ALL that I was driven to do. There I was, a senior at Cy-Fair High School, National Honor Society member, Math Club, graduating Magna Cum Laude with no college plans and no declared major ( what was I going to write down , drummer/rockstar ? )

My disappointed teachers and guidance counselors all had the same tag line, “At least you have your art to fall back on”. Right or wrong, let me tell you, aspiring musicians, artists and dreamers HATE hearing that they may have to “fall back on” anything!

Out of school, out on the road, I found myself playing drums for Rage, a band from California that was playing the Texas circuit. A few bands later ( Blue Blazes, X.O.X.) and I was with Kik Tracee , a recently -signed band in L.A.. After years of touring, making videos and recording two albums released on RCA, I realized that I actually wanted to “fall back on my art”. Make no mistake, that too, is a passion. And a blessing.


John Douglas

Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Root Beer Fade
24x18 bass drum
12x10 tom
14x12 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 brass snare drum

S2000 snare stand
C1000 straight stand
H2000 hi-hat stand
P2002C double pedal
DR501C ICON front rack x 2
D1000 throne
T2000 double tom stand

PFC203DX621 Primero Pro fiberglass 10"/11" congas w/ twin stand
PTB5134 Elite 13"/14" brass timbales
PFB100DX621 Primero Pro 7"/8.5" bongos
PB700 bongo stand
PJF320602 Elite Series 12" fiberglass djembe'
PTM10SH steel jingle tambourine
PTM10GH brass jingle tambourine
PSP1345 percussion suspension plate
BT3 bracket
TH2000S short tom holder x 2
DR501C ICON front rack x 2
DR501CE ICON extension x 2
RJ50 mini-extension x 2
PCX100 clamp x 12
PCX200 clamp x 10
UX80 universal clamp x 2
CH2000 cymbal holder x 6
PWC32A windchimes
PSK10 shakerine