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Jimmy Pemberton
Local Drumset Artist - United States


Hey guys,



I'm Jimmy.

I'm a professional drummer & educator based out of Boston,MA.

Life doesn't get any better than teaching drums and getting to play music with other musicians.

Whether it’s in the lesson room, recording studio or on the stage, I'm a firm believer in bringing a positive attitude and having some fun. I have a great time making a living playing drums and like to show everyone what it's all about on my video series Life & Drums. I stay extremely active on all the social media sites as well as my blog. I'm really big on promoting drumming and connecting the drum community. I host a weekly drummers hang in Quincy, MA as well as a drummers chat online where I chat with drummers all over the world! Currently I'm teaching a full roster of students at DiCenso's Drum Shop, as well as handling studio/live duties as drummer and band leader for Country artist Kiley Evans.

I plan on always being a student , a teacher and an artist. I feel keeping all three going is the key for me to progress as a musician and human being.

Let's connect and talk drums! woo!



Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Natural Maple
22x16 bass drum
12x8 tom
16x14 tom
14x6.5 SensiTone Elite 1.0mm Beaded Steel snare

P2000B Eliminator Pedal
P3000D DemonDrive Pedal