Jerrod 'J-Rod' Sullivan

Jerrod Sullivan

Jerrod Sullivan

The 4 Korners

Jerrod Sullivan

The 4 Korners

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Jerrod ‘J-rod’ Sullivan’ is a musical machine in every aspect. An unquestionably talented drummer – and an astute producer, arranger, and programmer – J-rod believes “music is universal” and continues to share his passion with more people every day. Born in 1992, J-rod grew up in a family who loved listening to music and exposed him to gospel and R&B. By the time he was two, J-rod was drumming on kitchen pots and pans. Through church and school, he worked on his craft – making music his number one priority and practicing for hours every day. J-rod started off posting drum cover videos to YouTube, which became the foundation of his ever-growing social media following. At the time of writing, J-rod counts 55,000 YouTube subscribers – and 132,000 Instagram followers. After graduating from Atlanta Institute of Music, J-rod joined The 4 Korners. The band has since been signed to Ropeadope Records and put out multiple albums. As a solo act, J-rod released his debut single ‘Give Me the Reason’ in 2019. And it doesn’t stop there: J-rod drums, programs and arranges for several accomplished artists. He’s made a number of TV appearances, including BET's ‘American Soul’ and Oprah's ‘Greenleaf’. Plus, J-rod’s a successful businessman in his own right, having founded his clothing label ‘Got Pocket?’ in 2017.

Building on his success so far, J-rod’s constantly working hard chasing his dreams. But his greatest goal is to share his energy with others: “if only one person tells me they were inspired, I'll be satisfied".

Equipment Configuration

Reference Pure

Black Diamond Pearl


22x18 bass drum

10x7 tom

12x8 tom

16x16 floor tom

14x6.5 Reference 20ply snare drum (red glass)

14x6.5 Tricolon Snare Drum




P2050C Redline Eliminator pedal

H2050 Redline Eliminator hh stand

T1030 double tom stand

B1030 boom stands

S1030 Snare Stand