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Jed Nugent
Redneck Zombie Killers - United States


Jed Nugent, Ban Jovi, Vern Halen, and Hillbilly Idol are the 4 Hillbilly Jedi's that make up the Blue Collar, Zombie Killing, gun toting band known as the REDNECK ZOMBIE KILLERS.

Take 4 cups of Hank Williams Jr. , 2 cups of Beastie Boys, a pinch of Red Hot Chili Peppers, roll that up in a BIG OLE guitar slingin' tortilla, sprinkle GUN POWDER, and Hollow Points all over that, and serve it up with a side of Kid Rock and ZZ Top ......... and you get the....... REDNECK ZOMBIE KILLERS

Check out their new CD, When the Zombies Come...


Redneck Zombie

Equipment Configuration

Reference Pure
Piano Black
22x16 bass drum
10x8 rack tom
12x9 rack tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 Bronze Sensitone Snare

B1000 Cymbal Stands
TH2000 Tom Holders
S1000D Snare Stand
H2000 Hi-Hat Stand
CLH1000 Closed Hi-Hat
P3002C Demon Drive Double Pedal