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Chadwick "Chavi" Boswell
The Shiny Darks - United States


Chadwick “Chavi” a Louisiana native born, March 1979. He started playing drums at the age of 3. Through the years he has worked his self into a professional drummer/percussionist.  Chavi blossomed his playing style in clubs, special events, and live stage performances, touring around North America and South America.

He has prospered through brain trauma after a former band jumped him. He was beaten up to the point that he was shipped to two different state hospitals. Through this process the doctors found that he had a brain tumor. Through the 9 1/2 hour surgery and the grace of God he has reached beyond a standard goal of being an all around percussionist. He is continually stepping into the expert perspective of his professional career.
He has been playing numerous shows over the years to better himself as a percussionist by playing jazz, rock, country, heavy metal, and Christian music. This was not a given skill for him. It has taken years, practice, and a passion for playing the drums. This passion has turned him into the professional drummer he is today. It has taken him beyond just being a performer/entertainer. Allowing himself to be a teacher, mentor, and even a leader. His passion is now his mission. To help people obtain a relationship with the God that has helped him through all his struggles through recovery to now.

He is the drummer/percussionist for the band The Shiny Darks. It is a punk, heavy beat driven band.  It's brings 2 different styles of playing that brings his playing potential to new heights. It is his mission to put out great music and use God given talents to also help out ministries and other positive organizations they feel called to be a part of now and in the future. Chavi's current endorsements are with Soultone Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, and Pearl Drums.

Equipment Configuration

Masterworks Series:  Black silver Burst 386 with Chavi logo
24x17 - bass drum
13x13 - floor tom   
16x15 - floor tom
18x15 - floor tom
14x5.5 – CarbonPly Mahogony Snare
Specialty Drums:
6x18 – rocket tom
6x21 – rocket tom
13x11 CarbonCore FFXIC Snare

DR501C ICON Rack  X 2
PCX 100 clamp X 22
PCX200 clamp X 2
PCL100  leg pipe clamp X 4
CH2000S gyro cymbal holder X 2
CH1000 uni-lock cymbal arm X 12
CH2000 gyro cymbal holder w/ weight
CLH100 closed hi-hat
P3002 Demon Drive pedals
S2000/C snare stand X 1
S930D snare stand X 1
D2000BR throne w/ backrest