Maxime Garoute

Maxime Garoute

Maxime Garoute


Maxime Garoute


Country:   France Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


I grew up in the 80s. I had my first drum kit at 11 and started my first band at 15.

I joined a professional band 2 years later, so I stopped studying at 17 to devote myself to the profession of drummer.

I practiced my instrument 8 hours a day.

I was interested in all styles: Funk, Rock, Jazz, Electro...

In order to improve technique, because I also wanted to become an independent musician, and I wanted to be able to meet the requirements of a producer and artist... I started my first session at 19 years old and met musicians and producers who got me more work afterwards... still till this day. I played with Johnny Hallyday, Saez, NTM,"M" Matthieu Chedid, Indochine, Zazie, Gaetan Roussel, Breakbot, Gad Elmaleh and so on...



22" Bass Drum

12” Tom

13” Tom

14” Floor Tom

16” Floor Tom


14"x6.5” Sensitone Snare Drum