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San Jose Taiko
- United States


Our Mission

Enrich the human spirit. Connect people beyond cultural and demographic boundaries.

San Jose Taiko, with a deep respect of cultural traditions and a commitment to artistic excellence, is dedicated to the advancement of the taiko art form through the development of its world-class Performing Ensemble and the San Jose Taiko Conservatory.

San Jose Taiko Conservatory

San Jose Taiko has a long-term vision of establishing a Taiko Conservatory, the first of its kind in the United States, to serve as a national resource for this vibrant Asian American art form. Through the Taiko Conservatory, San Jose Taiko is committed to providing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and a comprehensive array of support and information about North American Taiko to individuals and organizations around the world. As the art form of taiko continues to evolve, the San Jose Taiko Conservatory will be dedicated to fulfilling the needs of the ever-expanding taiko community.

The Taiko Conservatory is already being realized through nationally recognized programs like the highly acclaimed tour residencies and the Junior Taiko program. San Jose Taiko's dedication to the perpetuation and development of the taiko art form is evident in its diverse educational programs and performances.


San Jose Taiko