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Marco "Ito" Arguinzoni
Tito Nieves - United States


Marco’s interest in music has been long standing. Marco Arguinzoni, born and raised in Rochester, NY first got interested in playing congas at the age of four under the direction of his father Osvaldo Arguinzoni who played the cuatro. At the age of eight Marco got his first pair of congas and bongos. By 10 years old Marco was playing with a band called “Los Hijos de Futoro” which was a children’s Salsa band. When Marco turned 13 he joined his fathers band “Afinque” where he was featured as the conguero. This eventually led to playing with local bands around the city of  Rochester and now playing with bands in the New York City area where Marco now resides.
Marco has played percussion for some of the biggest names in Latin music such as Marc Anthony, Richie Ray, Rey Ruiz, Paquito Guzman, Raulin Rosendo, Rafael De Jesus, Jay Lozada, Ray Sepulveda, Johnny Rivera, Rosalyn Sanchez, Einllo, and Legendary Tito Puente. He played with Jerry Rivera in Madison Square Garden , toured with Frankie Negron in Europe, and toured China with Ochún.
Marcos inspirations include his father, Osvaldo Arguinzoni, the late Tito Puente and Ray Barretto, Bobby Allende, Eric Velez, Roberto Quintero, Marc Quinones, Ralph  Irizarry. “The rhythm and the sound of percussion instruments is a motivator through this motivation, I was able to fight my war against cancer” says Marco.