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Ben Pyles
University of Texas - San Antonio - United States


Benjamin Pyles is currently the Director of Athletic Percussion at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Previously, Ben majored in music education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Lamar University, with a primary focus in Percussion. His most intensive studies came under the direction of Chris Hestin, Mike Macintosh, Travis Fife, and Michael Kingan.

Ben has several years of World Class performing, and instructional experience, including the Bluecoats from Canton, OH? The Crossmen from San Antonio, TX? Monarch Independent from Houston, TX; Glassmen from Toledo, OH? and Spirit of Atlanta from Atlanta, GA.

Along with teaching, Benjamin is also an active arranger and composer for multiple Indoor and Outdoor ensembles across the country. Benjamin is endorsed by Sabian Cymbals, Innovative Percussion Inc. and Pearl and Adams Percussion.