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Robert Allen
Augustines - United States


Rob Allen was born in London England and started playing drums at the early age of 6. His father, also a drummer, never had the opportunities as a child to to grab his passion with both hands so instead he fueled that passion and vision into his son, opening the door for Rob to have a life as a musician.

From the age of 6 years old, Rob was professionally taught by established london based drummers, though it was apparent that live experience was key in order for him to improve. His father started taking Rob to london pub Jam sessions at 11 years old, often having to fight their way in, knowing that playing with older and established musicians in a live setting would help Rob leaps and bounds.

Through his teens, Rob played extensively around London, playing with some of the best musicians London had to offer. He went on to study Music at Leeds University and the Kristiansand Music Conservatory, Norway and later relocated to the States in the early 2000's to increase his musical knowledge.

Rob split his time in the US, primarily based in NYC, working in both studio and live environments. After various projects, Rob joined forces with ex-Pela members Bill McCarthy and Eric Sanderson In February 2011 to complete the We Are Augustines line-up, a passion filled alt rock 3 piece. We Are Augustines went on to have a successful 2011 and a wonderful 2012 with performances on Jay Leno, Carson Daly and David Letterman as well as playing major festivals and venues worldwide adding to their list of accolades.

The band were originally called Augustines. Just prior to the their first release, due to legal issues, had to change their name adding the "We Are". The boys were very proud to announce this year that they were able to get their name back prior to the release of their sophomore record.

2014 promises to be an exciting year for AUGUSTINES.  There new self titled follow up is scheduled to be released in January. Co-produced with The National/Jonsi & Alex producer, Peter Katis at Tarquin Studios, "Augustines" solidifies the band as a force in modern music.  One that is not afraid of anthemic choruses, power driving pop, and heart wrenching ballads.

It is hard to define Rob's playing style since his background is a melting pot of 60's & 70's pop, Blues, classical, Jazz and Rock. What is clear, is that Rob is an energetic and expressive drummer who exudes confidence and has become a solid foundation for Augustines.


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Equipment Configuration

Reference Series: Natural Maple

22x18- bass drum
14x12- rack tom
16x16- floor tom
14x5- Reference Series snare (wood)