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Randy Black
DuskMachine - Germany


Randy Black is a Canadian-born Rock/Metal drummer and recording artist known best for his stints as the drummer for Click, Bif Naked, Annihilator, Rebellion, Skew Siskin, DuskMachine and Primal Fear. Although Black's actual acoustic drum configuration is not unique to the field of drumming, Randy's playing style is notable for his ability to play ambidextrously with a symmetrical set of cymbals, specifically a dual set of remote hi-hats and ride cymbals to his right and to his left respectively.

Black is a native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. He got his first professional start in 1980 with a band called ‘’’The Edge’’’ however he didn’t start any serious touring until he join the band "The Kaotics" in 1982. Randy would settle into a serious groove later when he joined Click in 1984. Click was known for its extraordinary covers of tracks by such artists as The Who, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Journey and Rush. Covering Rush’s material was one of Click’s strengths. And Randy fit right in with his note for note performances. In 1993, Black moved to Vancouver, Canada and joined Annihilator. Randy’s band mates were astonished at his technical precision and even dubbed him the “human drum-machine".

In 1998, Black recorded with Bif Naked on the album I Bificus. It was shortly after this that Randy moved to Germany. Since then Randy’s done more recording with Annihilator, Rebellion, Skew Siskin, Udo Lindenberg and DuskMachine but it was after the “Metal Gods Tour” of the U.S. in 2003 that Randy joined the group Primal Fear where he has found a suitable home to create and perform his incredibly intricate and entertaining style of drumming.


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Equipment Configuration

Primal Fear: 2014 US kit

Masters MCX: Ash Tamo Fade (810)

22x18 bass drum x2
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x11 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum


P2000C Eliminator Chain pedal x2
S1030 snare stand
DR501 ICON Rack System x2
DR501E ICON Rack System x2
PCX100 rack clamp x8
PCX200 rack clamp x6
CH1030 cymbal arm x8
CLH930 closed hi hat x2
RH2000/C remote hi hat
TH1030 tom holder x3
D1000N throne