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Matt Halpern
Periphery - United States


Matt Halpern is the drummer for Periphery and co-founder of the software company, GetGood Drums. He is an active educator who is very passionate about inspiring students and artists to use their creativity to pursue their talents as careers. Matt has won multiple awards including Best Clinician/Educator and Best Metal Drummer in Modern Drummer Magazine, as well as countless of other awards, and he continues to be a very engaged member of the drumming community. You can reach Matt any time via Instagram and Twitter at @MattPeriphery and on Facebook at





Equipment Configuration

Music City Custom
Reference shell specs
Matte Black Oyster finish
13x8 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
22x16 bass drum
14x5 Reference Brass Snare
14x6.5 Reference Brass Snare

P2052C Eliminator Double Pedal
H2050 Hi-Hat Stand
S1030 Snare Stand