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Marco Bicca
- United States


At the age of 15, Marco’s interest turned towards the drums, and currently is his main instrument. He studied drums while he was in Brazil with Mauricio Leite, a well known and respected drummer and in United States with Chuck Brown (Terry Bozzio, Will Kennedy, Jeff Campitelli, David Garibaldi).

Marco played with local Brazilian bands Hades warden, Evora and Móbil Gigante.

He also played in a Symphony-X tribute band, and he recorded with the band Evora the song “Peruvian Skies” from Dream Theater for a Brazilian Tribute CD entitled “Lake of Fire” which can be heard at his Soundcloud profile.

Currently Marco resides between São Paulo, Brazil and Seattle, Washington and plays with the bands Pamela Moore, The Element , The Absent Light, A Dying Planet, Sigma Project and Blue Helix.

Past bands include LoNero, Shaylon, RelicsKastle, Coda and Eden’s Curse.


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Equipment Configuration

Reference Pure
Black Cherry
8x7  tom
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
22x18 bass drum
14x5 Reference Pure Snare

Session Studio Classic
Antique Ivory 
10x7 tom
12x8 tom
16x14 floor tom
20x16 bass drum

6x12 Rocket Tom
6x15 Rocket Tom

DR503C ICON Rack System
P2002C Eliminator Double Pedal
CH1030 cymbal arm x8
TH1030S tom holder x2
H2000/C hi hat stand