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Frank Basile
Smartloops - United States


Frank began his love for the drums after beating up a friends' snare drum while listening to The Who. From then on it was playing to The Who, The Kinks, and Led Zep, and eventually learning every note played by Neil Peart on Rush albums.

Berklee gave Frank insight into Jazz and Latin, which led into working with many working bands in the Boston area. As a studio drummer, Frank showed his meticulous work-habits, and attention to detail, which led him to be an in-demand studio musician. After getting mixed up with music software at Cakewalk, Frank combined his engineering and software skills with his love of drumming to start an inventive online drum service named Live Studio Drums (LSD). "I provide multi-track drums for people who normally wouldn't be able to afford a professional drummer and studio time". Frank's favorite quote, which he is living himself now...

"I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on my drums all day" - Todd Rundgren.


Smart Loops Website

Live Studio Drums Website

Equipment Configuration

MHX Masters Series

Red Mahogany

22x16 bass drum

8x8 tom

10x10 tom

12x10 tom

14x14 floor tom

16x16 floor tom

14x5.5 snare drum

10x4 piccolo snare drum

13x5.5 brass Sensitone

13x3 steel piccolo