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Desmond Davis
Hunter Hayes - United States


Desmond Davis the “BlackDrumHippie”, is a Dove Award winning, Grammy nominated musician, producer and writer hailing from the west side of Chicago who has developed a talent, versatility and passion for playing drums for over twenty years.

Desmond honed his skills in the Baptist church playing gospel music however; he is well-rounded with the ability to play various genres including but not limited to; rock, pop, country, hip-hop, jazz, R&B, reggae, funk, and blues.

The BlackDrumHippie’s talent and tenacity has afforded him various endorsements and the opportunity to play a variety of tours, festivals, tv appearances and concert venues.

With growing notoriety, Desmond has played for decorated artists such as: Donald Lawrence, Johnathan McReynolds, Sir the Baptist, Todd Dulaney, Sylenna Johnson, Rhymefest, and Hunter Hayes.

Desmond’s hard work and forward thinking has allowed BlackDrumHippie to transcend music as it has grown into a brand that provides customizable Levi denim jackets, t-shirts and other merchandise.

As of late Desmond is recording side projects, promoting his brand, and touring.

Equipment Configuration

Reference Series
Crystal Rain
8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
16x16 floor tom
22x18 bass drum
20x14 gong drum
10x5 snare drum
13x5 Omar Hakim Signature Snare
14x6.5 SensiTone Steel Snare 

BC930 Boom Stand x 7
B1030 Boom Stand
P3000C Demon Chain Pedal
H2050 Hi-Hat Stand Stand
S1030 Snare Stand
TC1030 Tom/Cymbal Stand
TH900S Tom Holder
TH900I Tom Holder x 2
ADP20 Adapter x 2