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Casey Scheuerell
Berklee - United States


Casey was at the tender age of ten when the Beatles performance aired. Over two and a half decades later, he not only follows the dreams he nurtured as a boy, he lives them. "I have tried to expand myself in every direction that drums and percussion will allow me.

Casey began his career as a student in the Wisconsin public school music program. He played in High School jazz, pep, and marching bands while also performing with the Wisconsin Youth Symphony as their principal percussionist. His educational foundation took its most momentous turn when he was excepted at the Berklee School of Music. "I firmly believe my time at Berklee was critical to my career."

From Berklee, Scheuerell went on to perform and record with Gino Vanelli. Immediately, the musical community acknowledged Casey as an innovative stylist and an interpretive master. The percussive acclaim brought Scheurell to the attention of Jon-Luc Ponty. After four year with Ponte, it was evident to all who experienced Casey, he was not only here to stay but would forge new directions in drum set art. It's a long way from that night in 1964. "If I can turn one kid on, like Ringo turned me on, then I think that I will have contributed something significant to the community of percussion."

"The real job is to try to inspire the students, because if they're inspired, then they're going to work. I try to help them find their musical calling, their musical direction, because that's a really important thing. If they have a strong sense of a direction, then they're going to be okay.

"I think that it's better to have a singular voice rather than be totally slick at everything. To me, that means do everything pretty well, but make sure you do one or two things really well, so that you have an identity."


Casey Scheuerell

Equipment Configuration

MMP Masters Series

22x16 bass drum
10x10 tom
12x10 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum