Sascha Waack

Sascha Waack

Guildo Horn / independent / session

Sascha Waack

Guildo Horn / independent / session

Country:   Germany Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Sascha started his musical career at the age of 19 touring Germany with German grand prix winner Nicole and Canada with Juicy Lucy. He then went out for 3 years with the broadway production of the musical hair. After that he toured Europe for 6 years with the west end production of the musical the rocky horror show. Other tours included the USA gospel singers, broadways very best, Berlin blues, Guildo Horn, to name just a few.  

Since 2007. Sascha is a steady member with German blues legend Frank Diez, who is a member of German superstar Peter Maffay for more than 30 Years and Germany’s number one blues guitar player.

He also works in theater productions such as little shop of horrors at the weimar state theater, and many others.

Sascha developed a career in house and techno music when he started working with dj Senad forming the band “Senad und der Baumeister”. Within 3 years they managed to play some of the biggest electro festivals in Europe such as “nature one” or “mixery castle” and perform in clubs all over Europe.

Throughout his musical career Sascha played a lot of workshops for various drum companies and worked with many different artists such as Orianthi (Michael Jackson), Joyce Kennedy (mothers finest), Ingo Bischof (kraan). Biber Herman, Kevin Hunter (Janet Jackson, John Corabi), Dirk Schlächter, Kai Hansen (gamma ray), Jan S. Eckert (masterplan), Raoul Walton (mm westernhagen), Gary Grainger (John Scofield), Wolfgang Zenk, Uwe Metzler (dsds band), Paul Reed Smith band. And many more.

Since 2010 Sascha is promoting the new electronic drums “Epro Live” by Pearl throughout Europe.

What is it you like so much about playing Pearl drums? 
Pearl drums look great and just sound amazing, even the convenient sets like the forum, sound awesome. Also the hardware is the best hardware in the world. The support at Pearl is unbeatable. It’s a great family.

Which drummer/band influenced you most into playing drums? 
Well there are so many really. I started playing drums because I saw Eric Carr with Kiss on tv when I was seven years old. Over the years I learned from almost every drummer I listened to. For rock I love Tommy Lee,  for latin  Cliff Almond, I also love drummer like Paul Leim or Jim Keltner who are amazing band player. As I said, there are so many.

Who in your mind are the drummers of tomorrow, who has caught your eye? 
I has to be me, of course, he he. There are great player out there who are very innovative and create great new styles like Aaron Spears or Patrick Fa from Germany, who has an amazing groove.

What do you like most about being a drummer? 
I guess like all drummer, I am just addicted to rhythms. I find it fantastic to create rhythmic pattern and when you think about it, drums are the oldest instruments in the world and they never went out of fashion. Also playing with a band and being able to actually control the band with the drums is a great feeling. Other then that, waking up late and having fun at work is not the worst part of my job either ☺.

What is the worst thing to happen to you during a show? 
I broke my bass drum head a couple of times during shows. That is pretty bad because it stops the whole show for quite a while. Also when you feel at the beginning of a show that the feeling for the music won’t come. There is nothing you can do about it because we are no robots and it happens to every musician once in a while.

What do you practice and for how long? 
When I have time to practice, I sit down with my pad and do doubles and rolls a lot. I also do paradiddles of all sorts. But most of the time I try and find the right way to play along to a song, to support the music and not to dominate it with flash fills and rolls. That happens while I play the songs live most of the time. 

What is your best advice to a young player wanting to make it in this industry? 
Practice your skills but most of all, try to support the music and don’t show off your flashy skills. No one pays for a drum solo.

If you had the chance to play drums for another artist who would it be? 
Well it all started with Kiss when I was a little boy. So get me one gig with them and I’ ll be a happy man, he, he . Other than that, I want to play with everyone who has something to say, musically no matter if it’s metal or country music, as long as it is good music.


  • Drum Set
  • a. 24" x 16" Bass Drum (MMP2416BX)
  • b. 12" x 8" Tom (MMP1208T)
  • c. 16" x 16" Floor Tom (MMP1616F)
  • d. 18" x 16" Floor Tom (MMP1816F)
  • e. 14" x 6,5" SensiTone Elite Snare Drum (STE1465PB)
  • f. 14" x 3,5" Free Floating Snare Drum (FS1435B/C)