Gabe Helguera

Gabe Helguera

Gabe Helguera

I Prevail / DrumBeatsOnline

Gabe Helguera

I Prevail / DrumBeatsOnline

Country:   United States Category:   DRUMSET ARTISTS


Hello my beautiful friends! Gabe Helguera here. I teach online drum lessons over at and I play drums for the 2 time Grammy nominated band I Prevail. I’m incredibly passionate about helping other drummers build their confidence behind the kit as well as teaching them how to simply rock out and have fun. Over the years the drums have taken me around the globe multiple times (which is crazy) and I want to help other drummers do the same! I’m honored to be a part of the Pearl Drums family and I’m very excited to see where this journey takes us! 



Equipment Configuration 1

Music City Custom

Reference Pure Shells

Pewter Abalone


22x18 bass drum

10x8 tom

12x9 tom

16x16 floor tom

18x16 floor tom

14x6.5 Sensitone Premium Brass



Redline Eliminator Double Pedal

H2050 HH Stand

TC1030B Tom/Cymbal Stands

B1030 Boom Stands

S930 Snare Stand

D1000N Throne