Caixa Trio

Caixa Trio

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The Caixa Trio, Julie Hill, Julie Davila, and Amy Smith, was formed in 2000 and is a professional percussion ensemble based in Tennessee. The ensemble derives its name from the caixa, or snare drum, used in escolas de samba in Brazil. The Caixa Trio performs an eclectic repertoire including classical, contemporary, world, and rudimental percussion.


The Caixa Trio has performed internationally at festivals in Peru, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, France, and Puerto Rico as well as the Percussive Arts Society International Conventions. The Trio has also performed and presented master classes at universities and public schools throughout the United States including numerous state Day of Percussion events.  The Caixa Trio emphasizes the importance of musicianship and demonstrates the versatility needed in the role of the total percussionist.


The Caixa Trio is dedicated to expanding the literature available for percussion trio by composing and commissioning new works.  The Trio released “Commissioned Works” in 2008.  The trio is currently involved in a commission project which includes composers such as Dennis DeSantis, Ben Wahlund, Lynn Glassock, Michael Gould, JB Smith, Blake Tyson, Brian Nozny, and Cayenne Ponchione.

Caixa Trio's Gear

Adams 5.0 Octave Alpha Marimba

Pearl Concert Toms