Alejandro Céspedes

Alejandro Céspedes

Alejandro Céspedes

Oregano Percussion

Alejandro Céspedes

Oregano Percussion



Alejandro Céspedes, M.Mus, is an active freelance percussionist and educator in Toronto who studied at the University of Toronto and Amadeo Roldán Conservatory in Havana, Cuba. He performs classical percussion, body percussion, Latin percussion and steel pan. Mr. Céspedes has performed with the National Opera and Ballet Orchestra of Cuba, as well as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He is the founder of Oregano Percussion and Arrollando Cuban Carnaval Ensemble. He has performed with Bobby McFerrin, Jane Bunnett, The Buena Vista Social Club, and was featured at Toronto’s Body Percussion Festival. As a percussionist/actor/dancer/singer, he has been involved with many touring shows such as Venom of Love, The Power of Harriet T! as well as the flamenco shows Jacinto, and Uno Dos y Tres. He has taught at Manuel Saumell and Amadeo Roldán Conservatories, Lizt Alfonso Dance Company, McGill University, and The Royal Conservatory of Music. Mr. Céspedes is an artist/endorser of Pearl/Adams Musical Instruments, Humes & Berg, and The Steel Pan Store.

Alejandro's Gear

Adams Keyboards

5.0 Octave Alpha Marimba

3.0 Octave Alpha Vibraphone, Silver Bars (Wlanut Rails, Black Resonators) VAST30M/9T1

3.5 Octave Academy Series Xylophone

Vibraphone Cases (CSVAC30)


Drum Set

Pearl Session Studio Classic, Matte Liquid Amber (SSC904XUP/C)

20” x 16” Bass Drum

10” x 7” Tom

12” x 8” Tom

14”x14” Floor Tom

14” x 5.5” Snare Drum

HWP-930 Hardware

UX80S Mounted Toms Adaptor

D1000SPN Throne

Pearl Percussion

Cyclone Cajon (PCJ-647CYC)

11.75" x 3.5" Travel Congas (PTC1175N)

12.5" x 3.5" Travel Congas (PTC1250N)


Wind Chimes

Small Gold Anodized Aluminum Chimes

36-Bar Foldable Anodized Aluminum Chimes