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Javier “Tito Furia” Alvarez
- United States


Born in Elizabeth New Jersey on August 12th, 1973. There, Tito developed an interest for music at the early age of 6 years old during church services and soon became the church choir drummer at the age of 9. He kept up with all styles of music from early hip hop to the pop craze of the 80's. But, soon the Latin music sound captivated him in a way like no other genre ever had.

At the age of 17, he moved to Puerto Rico and there got a first hand look at the real Latin music scene. He began traveling around the island studying salsa orchestras and key musicians and developing his own style of playing. Tito's professional music career began while he was in college with a group called "Paseo." There, he learned the professionalism and musicianship that was needed to give him structure in the professional music scene. There, he also got his first taste of the recording studio. He learned to read sheet music, recording, mixing and editing.

That gave him the exposure to be seen onstage by other musicians and other group leaders which would later call upon him for his services. Also, this gave him the experience and know-how to open his own recording studio and has had it working regularly since the year 2000.

Artists that Tito has performed or toured with include:
Daddy Yankee (Talento de Barrio tour)
Victor Manuelle
Menudo (Reunion concert)
Richie Rey & Bobby Cruz
Tony Vega
Ismael Miranda
Andy Montañez
La India
Rey Ruiz
Isaac Delgado


Equipment Configuration

Havana Series
Red Tiger Stripe
11.75” Conga
12.50” Tumba

14” & 15” Marc Quiñones Signature Timbales
Marc Quiñones Signature New Yorker Timbal Bell
New Yorker Cha Cha Hi Piched Cowbell
New Yorker Cha Cha Low Pitched Cowbell
Low Clave Black (neon orange)