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Phil Arcuri
Dry Kill Logic - United States


For some people, music is a form of expression, being able to relate to and bond with the artists that create it. For others, music is a way to release the anger and frustration of the everyday. For Phil Arcuri, drummer and songwriter for the aggro metal band Dry Kill Logic, music is a way of life.

Born in New Rochelle, N.Y., Phil's earliest days revolve around music. “I remember being like 5 or 6 years old when I discovered Kiss and Led Zeppelin. That moment changed my life forever”. As Phil grew up, his love of music continued. He taught himself to play the drums & played in bands during high school. Upon graduating, he was accepted to and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. During his tenure in Berklee, Phil added the guitar, bass and keyboard to his repertoire of instruments. He then returned to New York and continued his musical career. After playing in some local cover bands for 2 years Phil hooked up with DKL frontman Cliff Rigano and started writing songs. “I have always been a fan of heavier music even though I listen to just about everything” states Phil. “ You never know where inspiration will come from”. After 5 years writing music with Dry Kill Logic, the band went on to sign a worldwide recording contract with Roadrunner / Island Def Jam and released “The Darker Side of Nonsense”, a 12 - song album featuring Phil's talents not only on the drums but the guitar as well (Phil wrote a majority of the music and performed the album's closing ballad 'Goodnight' with Rigano and sister Dana Mancuso).

These days, in addition to being a touring performer & musician, Phil is also a published songwriter, signing a worldwide publishing deal with EMI Music. A self - professed video game junkie, Phil also writes songs & scores for video games, most recently co-writing the song 'Riot at the Bat Rack' featured in Midway's MLB SLUGFEST 20-03. He's also done studio sessions as a writer; Phil has written songs with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth , Rob Caggiano of Anthrax and Brad Stewart of Puddle of Mudd / Shinedown. "I enjoy writing music with different people because of the different ideas brought to the table" states Arcuri. "Music is the only form of expression that transcends color, age, race, social status, creed, religion & health. The power of that is overwhelming."

The reactions to 'Of Vengeance & Violence' has been tremendous – it is awesome to see that our long time fans are enjoying the music as well as plenty of new converts to the DKL camp, and it is humbling to see so much support after so many years.


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Equipment Configuration

BRP Masters Series

Vintage Sunburst

22x18 bass drum

12x9 tom

12x9 tom

16x14 tom

14x5.5 snare drum


DR503 ICON rack 

PCX100 clamps x 8

H2000 hi-hat stand

S1000 snare stand

P2002B double bass pedal

C1000 straight stand

D2000 throne

CH1000 cymbal holder x 5

TH1000 tom holders

TH1000S tom holders x 2